Jason Zissman

Jason Zissman

Lead Full Stack Software Engineer

About Me

I am a team lead full-stack engineer writing, deploying, and maintaining web applications in the K-12 educational market. Over the last seven years I have worked on many platforms including embedded firmware, Android, iOS, PC, and web, primarily in Agile environments. My current stack includes NodeJS on the backend and Angular on the front end, but I am always excited to learn new frameworks.

In my free time I like to write web applications, travel, and play the drums.

Personal Projects



javascript library

TimeMe.js is a JavaScript library that accurately tracks how long users interact with a web page. It disregards time spent on a web page if the user minimizes the browser or switches to a different tab. Additionally, TimeMe.js disregards 'idle' time outs. This means no time will be reported where a web page is open but the user isn't actually interacting with it (such as when they temporarily leave the computer). These components put together create a much more accurate representation of how long users are actually using a web page.

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How to Get Your First Job as a Software Engineer

How to Get your First Job as a Software Engineer


The programming knowledge gained from college classes or online courses is often not enough for success as an entry-level software engineer. Companies need engineers that not only know the theory of software development but also know how to effectively write software in a team environment. Whether you’re self-taught or university-taught, there will be some gaps in your knowledge, and this book is designed to fill those gaps.

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BittermanJS Developer Utilities

BittermanJS Developer Utilities

NodeJS JavaScript Materialize

BittermanJS is a JavaScript-based suite of common developer utilities such as JSON linting, URL encoding, and more. While many of these tools already exist online in some form, they are often clunky, slow, and decentralized. BittermanJS aims to make these utilities standardized and centralized.

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My Travel Agent

My Travel Agent

alexa skill NodeJS JavaScript MongoDB

My Travel Agent provides suggestions for new travel ideas within your desired price range. Results include unique travel ideas, great airfares (domestic and international), discounted lodging, all-in-one travel packages, and more. Simply tell My Travel Agent to send a card to your Alexa app with more information when you find a deal that interests you.

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Health Accountant

Health Accountant

android app HTML CSS JavaScript Webview

Health Accountant is a health-conscious app with a single purpose: helping you count your calories. The simple design allows it to perform this function quickly, without the usual bloat and slowdown that you see in larger health and fitness apps. Designed with speed and ease-of-use in mind, HealthAccountant will remember your recent entries and provide suggestions for any food you are about to enter.

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Other Projects

Educational Resource Search Engine and Manager

Java NodeJS JavaScript MongoDB HTML Microservice

Developed new features and maintained legacy support for K-12 educational software used by teachers, students, and librarians to manage and discover library and classroom content.

Enterprise Device Management Web Application

Java Spring JavaScript PostgreSQL HTML CSS

Helped design and implement a enterprise-level device management web application designed to integrate with a company's line of hardware devices. The application was responsible for tracking device usage, status, configuration, as well as provide a means for making mass configuration and grouping changes.

PC-based Texting System

C# ASP.NET Twilio

We needed to build a PC-based application that facilitated texting for a local recording studio looking to reach out to its customers on a more familiar and easy basis. We decided to go with Twilio due to their well-documented RESTful SMS API. The application allowed the owner and his engineers to reach out to customers via texting which proved to be a very responsive medium. We even introduced automated session reminders that helped boost session attendance.

Device Tracking System


A company needed to track the movement of a large number of devices in-house as to avoid the downtime that commonly resulted from missing equipment. We designed and implemented a device-tracking system that was comprised of two main components: a local application running at several "Check-out" points and a web-interface indicating to whom the different devices were checked out. The system proved to be successful and helped reduce downtime greatly.

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer Follett School Solutions (2014 - Present)

Designed, developed, and maintained hosted web-application used by schools and libraries to access and manage educational content (both digital and physical). Coordinated with project management to create technical requirements from product requirements. Worked with dev-ops to maintain different build environments. Championed various efforts to improve processes such as implementing acceptance testing and codebase migration to git.

Software Engineer Zebra Technologies (2011 - 2014)

Designed, developed, and documented enterprise-level web applications managing varying types of hardware devices. Worked in a team environment writing code and setting up application environments for the commercial product. Worked in an Agile environment following test-driven development with 50/50 pair programming. Also provided technical presentations, wrote documentation, and gave technical training.

Customer Account Executive Comcast (2010 - 2011)

Supported customers using Comcast internet or phone services.